Kamdhenu Polymers

THE KAMDHENU GROUP is one whose name in itself is a mark of dependability and excellence.
Operating in a wide array of verticals including steel, pipes, water tanks, adhesives and paints, Kamdhenu has rapidly become a market leader in just a few years.

Kamdhenu Polymers is our highly lucrative division specializing in pipes. Forming an
essential part of our overall working as an organisation, this division ensures that we deliver on our age-old promise of being a one-stop-shop for all construction needs.

Incorporated in 2011, we have quickly garnered a name for ourselves as one of the most elite
and exceptional pipe producers in India. Not only do we create the finest of products which are unbeatable in their sturdiness, we also ensure that we provide these products at the best
possible competitive rates.

Our strong investments, coupled with a talented workforce, have enabled us to become brand
leaders in the segment of SWR PVC Pipe, RIGID UPVC, ASTM Plumbing Pipe, Water Storage Tank, CPVC Pipes & Fittings, Kamdhenu Solvent and CPVC Conduit Pipe manufacturing.

Quality assurance is the foundation of our daily operations, and right from the stage of procuring raw materials to the final step of delivering our products, our team of professionals is always ensuring that our customers have no room for complaint.

We have received ISO:

IS 4985 : 2000 (UPVC)
IS 13592 : 1992 (UPVC SWR)
IS 9537 : 1993 (UPVC CONDUIT)
IS 15778 : 2007 (CPVC)


Success is a constant journey. Every milestone leading to new accomplishments…
Every organization, which sets its eyes on growing big has to incessantly abide by a definite set of work-ethics to raise its credibility in the market. That's why, we at Kamdhenu also believe in living up to a set of conventions and follow them conscientiously in each and every sphere of our activities.




Quality Assurance

Customer Satisfaction


KAMDHENU POLYMERS has been a pioneer in this revolutionary concept of Franchisee Model having attained success in the middle tier pipes & fittings segment on a regional front. With exhaustive study of the market trends and categorising the pipes & fittings manufacturing companies, Kamdhenu Limited offers them an envelope; sealed with its brand name and assistance in technology, quality, consistency and marketing of Kamdhenu range of products. This mode of concept serves dual purpose- the franchisee units benefit a lot by availing Kamdhenu’s brand premium and strong marketing network, while Kamdhenu Polymers benefits from the royalty that it gets from these franchisees for using its brand name. The model also gives a unique identity to the franchisee units and helps them in leveraging their level of operations and quality to sustain well amidst rising competition in the pipes & fittings sector.

And ultimately it also benefits the customer, who gains the most by getting top quality products at the most effective prices.
The Franchisee Business Model adopted by Kamdhenu Polymers is really changing the way its’ partners do business regionally. The trusted name of Kamdhenu is spelling a new tale of success by leveraging their facilities to perform on a far improved level and thus bringing in more productivity in their day-to-day operations.


KAMDHENU GROUP fully understands the importance of brand awareness and has a full chalked out policy on utilizing various media platforms to disseminate information about its products and services. Kamdhenu’s Central and Regional management network oversees need based information generation through advertisements and similar promotional campaigns.

The mediums used for media promotions include all the conventional and unconventional medias available today.


Airing of creatively produced product ads through electronic channels. Also promoting through internet websites, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, google+ and e-mails etc.


Print ads disseminating information about our products and services across the nation through Magazines, Newspapers etc.


Hoardings, Banners, Kiosks, Wall Paintings, Bus Shelters, Translights and other outdoor media.


Distribution of catalogues, brochures, visiting cards, shop branding, sample board, pen, pad, mason kit having branding of Kamdhenu products.


Dealers & Distributor Meets, Customer Meets, Seminars, conferences, Workshops, etc.


Bollywood Star Nights, Live Concerts of famous Singers, Overseas trips of dealers, Dealers’ Tours.


We are on a mission to ardently create value for all our stakeholders- customers, employees, partners and shareholders. It is people who built this organisation, and it is these very people that we strive to serve every single day.

Every effort we make goes towards making our dream come true. A dream which encourages us to:

  • Be a customer-oriented organisation which provides custom solutions for every different person that walks in our doors.
  • Provide a transcendent shopping experience for every visitor.
  • To create a sustainable and healthy environment- not only in our business operations, but in our overall existence as an infrastructural giant.
  • To provide value to every human effort which goes into making the cogs of our machines work- through appreciation, remuneration and growth.
  • To constantly build products which are the epitome of craftsmanship and ingenuity.


For us success is not just something to achieve- it is something to live by.

This is why we always endeavour to break the glass ceiling, through every project that comes our way, may it be big or small. As an organisation, we persevere to:

  • Emerge as one of the most sustainable and competitive companies in the infrastructural market.
  • Ensure the satisfaction and well-being of all our customers- existing and in the foreseeable future.
  • Optimizing innovation and research-based designs to provide products of the most premier quality.
  • Gather all medium sized manufacturing operations under an all-encompassing Kamdhenu umbrella.
  • To ensure superiority in every single one of our product verticals.
  • To live by a simple mantra: Always provide the best quality, at the best prices.


Every success story has a humble beginning, so was ours. This story of hard work and success started in the year 1995 where a creative young individual started work in a production unit and instigated this expedition into India's steel sector with a single reinforcement steel bars manufacturing business at Bhiwadi in Rajasthan. The hard slog and uphill struggle soon, within the flashes of year brought the journey to a milestone with Kamdhenu Group where the business took shape of a company of towering reputation, in the Indian Steel market.

What started as a single manufacturing unit has now triggered into above 50 manufacturing units across the country as a leading steel manufacturers and the string seems to be getting longer.

Kamdhenu Group has in its list of manufacturing, marketing, branding and distribution of a diverse range of products including Reinforcement steel Bars, Structural steels, Binding Wire, Colour Coated Sheets, Plywood, Paints and many more.
In the last few years the company has grown from ‘one of them’ to ‘one of the best,’ and has been making dynamic progress with an intention of growing bigger but together.


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      Size (in mm) PN-6
      90 x 50 144
      90 x 63 144
      90 x 75 144
      110 x 50 90
      110 x 63 90
      110 x 75 90
      110 x 90 90
      160 x 90 30
      160 x 110 30